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Degree Certificates

We can arrange certification or notarisation of your degree certificate, and then for the certificate to be apostilled and, if required, legalisation at any consulate.

The fee for certification is £20 and we require the original certificate. When certifying, a soliticor will state that a photocopy of the original certificate is a true copy. We also state that we have not verified the authenticity of the original document. This approach is not accepted by some end users so you should always check with the party who will be receiving your document as to whether this would be acceptable to them.

The fee for notarisation is £50. A notary public will verify the certificate with the university that issued it and will prepare a notarial certificate to state that the original has been verified. Some universities levy a fee to verify certificates, in which case this would be payable in addition to the notarisation fee. We can advise you as to whether a verification fee is applicable when you inform us of the university from which your certificate was issued.

For clients who are based abroad, or who are travelling, we can offer a postal/ email service or a 3rd party can bring your certificate to us. Please contact us for more information.