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Express Consular Services is registered to use the Foreign and Commonwealth Office premium service, which means we can turnaround documents requiring Apostilles in just 24 hours!
  • 24 hour turnaround time
       First document - £145; £115 for each
       additional document (incl FCO fees)
  •     3-5 working day turnaround time
          First document £50; £40 for each                           additional document (incl FCO fees)

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An apostille certificate is normally required for legal documents which are to be used abroad. For may countries, notarisation of such documents is not sufficient and an apostille certificate issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will also be required. In attaching an apostille certificate to your legal document, the FCO certify the authority of the notary or public official who has signed your document.
Apostille certificates can be required for both private and commercial clients. We can help both types of clients with their apostille certificate needs.
An apostille certificate is normally attached to the back of the document which the notary or public official has signed.
For countries which are signed up to the Hague Convention, attachment of the apostille certificate will be sufficient. For other countries, further legalisation may be required but the apostille certificate will need to be obtained first.

The FCO's premium service is only available for registered companies, and the department is located in central London. Express Consular Services' Central London office is located in close proximity to the FCO premium service building, we are ideally placed to obtain the apostille certificate for your documents and return them to you in the shortest possible time.
With Express Consular Services' second office in Harrow, Middlesex, we are also very well placed to meet the needs of our Middlesex based clients including the areas of Harrow, Stanmore, Pinner and Edgware.

Our fees to obtain apostille certificates are highly competitive, particularly for clients with more than one document. Our agents are highly experienced, and we pride ourselves on offering unrivalled customer service in obtaining apostille certificates for our clients.